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Hello… Namaste… thank you for visiting my website.

This webspace is an endeavor to showcase my professional, social and innovative ventures through which I have touched thousands people in their academic, professional and Personal growth.

Over the years I have worked with numerous teams, individuals in some of the biggest Organizations, designed tailormade experiential learning events for the defense personnel, worked with some of the senior most academicians in designing high impact events for Students in Business schools, colleges and schools , have facilitated Leadership events, Have worked with numerous differently abled Children making them realize their True Potential, Have worked with Politcal Leaders, I have always enjoyed this journey of creating massive difference in peoples lives , I have many stories to share many stories that have changed the way I looked at life.

Apart from the Learning and development Experience , My experience in Leading More then 30 High Altitude Mountaineering expeditions , apart from countless Smaller hikes in itself is considered to be an achievement worth noting… And I feel I have just begun …And there is a lot more to explore …. For many this itself is a career while I consider this a Part of the whole system.

I wish to connect with people and organizations and be a part of the vision. Not Many people who do their University study in Engineering and have a bright future laid out in front of them choose to move out to follow their passion to explore, study and venture into things like Mountaineering, Adventure, Social Sector, Training and Development, Experiential Learning, NLP, Coaching and a lot more and make a career out of it.

I strongly feel an urge to increase my professional reach, help Individuals and organizations realize their goals through my expertise , I also intend to maximize my community involvement by reaching out to as many people as possible and creating a difference.

I am extremely happy and feel grateful to all those involved in my journey where I stand now as a known person in the areas that I am involved In my wellwishers words "Sunand is not an individual but a Brand … Cannot be uploaded".

It is very difficult to upload all the details on this site, be free to get in touch for any more details or queries.
+91 944847 6683
Life Coaching
Executive coaching
NLP Coaching
Social Sector Projects
Training and Development Events
Experiential Learning Coaching
and a lot more...

‘People look at things and say why...I dream about things that never were and wonder why not’ I am a Traveller like no other, I love to connect people with each other, with nature, create self awareness be it in urban or wilderness spaces.

Over the years I have learned that Happiness is a state of being that has to be felt in the present ...In my events I Do just that get people to achieve phenomenal results experience the unexplored selves. All these through a varied skill and learning process that I acquired over the years through education, travelling extensively, reading numerous books , engaging in discussions with leaders, consulting and coaching Learning from the Gurus.

I am a very adventurous person, I run marathons, climb mountains, volunteer in urban and rural places. My Key Skills Include Leading, Organizing , managing , designing events , Projects , Coaching, Designing Outbound activities and events, Design and development and implementation of Training activities for all levels of Management and anywhere , Design and develop CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, Networking Corporates and NGOs, and social Initiatives, Depending on the type of initiatives, scope of work etc.

Through the Civil Defense, I am involved in giving Safety programmes in fire safety, neighborhood safety, and basic First Aid training to schools , colleges and community people. Designing, Planning, Organizing, Conducting, leading Mountaineering Expeditions, Leisure Eco TripsAcross the globe. Volunteering and leading volunteering initiatives.

Army Public School and Air Force School
Bengalure, India
Bachelor Of Engineering -Industrial Engineering and Management
Certified in Project Management CIPM
Certified Executive and Life Coach
Certified Wilderness First Responder
Certified in Transactional Analysis
Play for Peace Methodology, Raccoon Circles Methodologies
Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psycotheraphy


15 + Years of Rich , Passionate , Committed , Powerful experience that includes a High stress filled Corporate experience as a Productivity Consultant and a venture into Web Designing business and about 10 years of Eco tourism, Mountaineering and Adventure Sports , Experiential Learning events, State of the art Team building events, Field trips for children, Consulting , etc.

Over the last 15+ years have contributed to the needy children through numerous projects facilitated various events for the welfare and increasing quality of education in some of the most rural and backward sections of our country, Have been involved in facilitating and directly contributing various material like Notebooks, Provisions, Stationeries equivalent to approximately 50000 food packets.
Have led more then 30 High Altitude Expeditions and numerous local hikes and treks , apart from hundreds of Adventure based camps , Experiential learning events , High Impact leadership events , Nature based activities, Eco tour.
Lectures and Talks
I am usually invited for lectures ands talks to share my experiences on Adventure, Mountaineering , Experiential Learning, Goal Setting , Personality Development , NLP etc
Civil Defense
Through the Civil Defense, I am involved in giving Safety Programmes in Fire safety , Neighborhood safety and basic First Aid training to Schools, Colleges and community people.
Rotary Coaching
Coaching is an extremely Professional and Intricate relationship between the Coach and the Coachee, I have coached many a people coming from various walks of life , students, working professionals , home makers , businessmen, the list goes on , Apart from giving a keen and trained ‘ear’ , I also use very powerful tools and techniques to create this transformation in my clients when needed.
Web Consultant
Consulting with Individuals and Organizations to design and develop their efficient websites
Offbeat Events Management
Organize offbeat events that involve offbeat art forms and movements , fire light and sound based events. Classical events , organize fun and creative events for corporates, giving end to end solutions
Consulting with Various NGOs mainly in the field of Education, Health, Environment, Organize CSR events , Taking lead in various projects.
Over the years I have found solace in Giving back to the society through volunteering for various causes, various initiatives, have organized various volunteering events, have coordinated in various activities that are run solely by committed volunteers.
As a Rotarian I am involved in various projects while also help in coordinating some activities and fundraising for several much needed causes like education, etc.


Not Many people who do their University study in Engineering and have a bright future laid out in front of them choose to move out to follow their passion to explore, study and venture into things like Mountaineering , Adventure , Social Sector, Training and Development , Experiential Learning , NLP , Coaching and a lot more and make a career out of it.
High Impact leadership Programmes -
NLP training -
Life coaching -
Executive coaching -
Eco and Adventure Travel -
Field trips for Children -
End to end Organizing -
Leading trips -
- Coaching for taking on a Adventure and mountaineering trip
- Knowledge Transfer
- Educational Trips
- Designing Experiential learning events
- Organizing Outbound events
- Social service projects
- Civil Defense
- Educational/Environment/Leadership training events
( I can organize events at various Domestic and International Destinations )
IQuest Adventures Experiential Learning

Please feel free to connect with me, refer me, contact me for any of my professional services.

#2, 1st 'A' Cross, Ex-Service men Colony,
R.T. Nagar, Bengaluru 560030 , Karnataka, India
+91 9448476683
+91 80 40930357



Please feel free to connect with me, refer me , contact me for any of your professional requirements, that I can Cater to .